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Battery Handling Systems
Vega has pioneered in designing and developing the battery handling systems. The major areas of focus of Vega for the battery sector are
a. Battery assembly Lines ( Roller conveyors/Modular Belt Conveyors)
b. Battery Charging / Finishing lines.
c. Battery Charging Tubs - PP Charging Tubs/ SS316L

Vega has conceptualized, analyzed, designed, developed a significant amount of lines to all the major players of the battery sector.

Vega specializes right from the raw material handling of the lead ingots to the final packed battery loading into the truck.

The automotive battery assembly lines designed & erected for the leading battery manufacturers, comprises of all types of roller conveyors like, Chain Driven Powered Rollers, Idler rollers, PU rope Driven Rollers, Minimal back pressure accumulation rollers, PVC Idlers with all of them being integrated to their existing battery testing and other machines.

In one of the finishing line conveyor systems comprising of 140 feet has more than 90% of the conveyors manufactured with HDPE frames and support and with flush grid acid resistant Eurobelts. The facility is one of the finest and state of the art battery finishing line that any country can boast of.

The system integrates the entire processes involved in a battery finishing line like process vent removal systems, final vent fixing system, label applicators, battery pickers, shrink sleeves and other machines online.

Vega, Over the years indigenously has manufactured SS316L/PP charging tubs which have been integrated with state of the art automation systems like automatic battery loading, charging, fume extraction systems, automatic battery unloading etc. Most of the systems designed were specific to them and with a highly user friendly and simplistic design.

a. one of a kind integrated systems with high end automation solutions
b. SCADA based systems

Solutions for
a. Industrial batteries, Automotive( 2 wheeler / 4 wheeler Batteries)
b. Varied sectors in, automobile, telecom, solar, etc.
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