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Bottling Line Handling Systems
Bottling Line Slat Chain Conveyors have a wide applications from single liner new virgin bottle manufacture to filling of bottles in the different industries as varied as pharmaceuticals, food, beverages etc has more than 475 feet of conveyors, all integrated to a Washing Machine, Filling Machine, Capping Machine, Ink Jet Coding etc.

The system was designed for a peak output of 600 bottles per minute. System supplied apart from Conveyors include inspection tables, accumulators, dividers etc.

System includes Single/multiple rows of Slat chain to receive the bottles and convey to the formation table or the inspection table and subsequently for the filling machines, capping machine and finally coding the bottles.

a. Differential speeds maintained to attain single line entry to filling machines
c. specially designed reverse tracks to avoid bottle jamming

a. Catered for Pharmaceutical, beverage and food industries.
b. Designed for higher throughputs.
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