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Modular Alluminium System
Aluminium Structured Conveyors are the fastest to be shipped. The systems are totally modular in construction and they can be used to make Belt Conveyors, Slat Chain Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Roller Conveyors etc for all light duty applications.
The modular system design of all Vega products, which has matured to extreme flexibility, is an ideal prerequisite for the solution to your individual functional requirement. High ease of use and very simple maintenance guarantee high long-termeconomicefficiency.
By nature, existing requirements seldom remain the same for long. Changing necessities in existing installations with regard to the material being handled, level of automation, or capacity adjustments are easy to realise due to the modular product concept. System flexibility is a strong suite of our technology.

Available in different sections of AL. Easy to assembly and increase / decrease the lengths of the modules.
Aesthitically appealing/ Ergonomically designed for all assembly line operations.
Automation and syschronizations are special features that can be customized to make it a complete coherent system.

Applications / Solutions for
Assembly Lines
Retail Sector
White Goods
Food etc..

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