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Naked / Packed Confectionery Handling Systems
One of the major sectors where VEGA has specialized is the confectionery sector. Vega has conceptualized, analyzed, designed, developed impeccable systems over the years in the confectionery sector.

Confectionery handling lines are all integrated lines with all types of belt conveyors, roller Conveyors, modular Belt Conveyors, Inclined Cleated Conveyors, Cooling tunnels, etc.

These conveyors start right from the pre extruder machines to the FFS machines. The rope from the pre extruder is conveyed to the extruding machines and subsequently to the ball formers. Post extrusion the candies are cooled below the ambient temperature in a cooling tunnel specially developed and designed according to the Indian standards.

The confectionery line is totally integrated with automation to divert the candies to the subsequent packing machines with the aid of Inclined cleated conveyors.

This is one of a kind system where the candies are automatically conveyed right from the start to the finished packed candy into cartons.

a. Online distribution of Products, hence elimination storage, contamination and other associated manpower requirements.
b. With the automation included in the system interchangeabilit

Solutions for
a. Different types of candies, where variants are more.
b. Complete warehouse handling systems
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