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POY Bobbin Handling System
Bobbin handling in a textile sector is the area where utmost care is to be taken. Vega plays a major role in conveying the bobbins. The doffs from the spinning machines are conveyed through an overhead rail.

The bobbins from the spinning machines are doffed, and are placed on the racks. Every row of bobbins are taken out from the spinning machine. After the doffs are unloaded from the spinning machines, their core is inserted with a barcode and the barcode is manually read via a hand held scanner and placed on the pegs of the rack.

This rack has a RFID/Bar Code tag on which the details of the doffs/merge/position etc are coded. The doffs are then sent for further processing based on the RFID/BAR Codes pasted inside the core.

a. Online integration of all the machines to one single server.
b. No manual intervention.

Solutions for
a. Handling bobbins in POY as well as in cotton yarn sectors.
b. Complete warehouse handling systems.
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