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Product Distribution Lines & Product Sorting Lines
This application is a combination of belt conveyors(horizontal /inclined) roller conveyors(Idler/Powered). Seamless flow of product / mono cartons/cartons from the production lines to the packing machines

Vega is specialized in Product distribution Lines / sortation Lines by handling varied products with high speed mergers & diverters and is functionally capable of :
a) Handling of 5 different types and dimensioned products from 5 lines.
b) Merging the 5 Lines to 1 line.
c) Check weigh of 40 randomly sized shippers / min and reject under / over weight shippers.
d) Divert 40 shippers / minute through a high speed diverter to different packing areas based on bar - coding.
e) Finally join all the shippers through a merge system to convey them to the warehouse.

Linking all the above to make it into a large coherent system is a SCADA based PLC with bar code application software generating MIS reports in terms of no. of shippers produced / type / weight / rejected / packing type etc.

a. easy integration of different conveyors with softwares.
b. seamless flow and distribution of products.

Solutions for
a. where varied products are to be distributed, with Different stages of automation
b. Complete Warehouse Handling Applications.
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