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Battery Handling Systems
Tyre being an emerging sector in India, vega has forayed into handling tyres from the green tyre to the cured tyres. The complete system is an amalgamation of roller conveyors, PVC Belt Conveyors, Friction Top roller conveyors, TRT Conveyors, etc. for TBR, PCR, UVR, LTR tyres.

The tyre is being handled from the curing press, through surge conveyors, trench conveyors etc, the system is totally automated with the tyre coming from the curing presses, to accumulating the tyres on spiral roller conveyors,merging the tyres in to the main line TRT Conveyors, with visual inspection, to the trimming machines, X-Ray Machines, tyre Rejections, Balancing machines, runout machines etc.

This line is integrated with the automation like, scanning the OD and ID of the tyres. An option of also scanning the tyre with the colour code on the surface and distribution of tyres to the respective processing machines.

a. Very robust design to convey heavy tyres.
b. Totally integrated automatic line

Solutions for
a. For Green tyre , cured tyre handling
b. For warehouse applications.
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